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Issues I deal with include:


  • Depression,

  • Anxiety and stress

  • trauma,

  • personal development,

  • addictions including substance dependency,

  • sexuality,

  • phobias,

  • OCD,

  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),

  • abuse and sexual abuse,

  • bullying,

  • grief and bereavement,

  • menopause and women's issues,

  • identity issues,

  • ADD / ADHD,

  • anger management,

  • Autism Spectrum,

  • cancer and illness,

  • child related issues,

  • chronic fatigue syndrome / ME,

  • cultural issues,

  • development coaching,

  • disability,

  • eating disorders,

  • LGBTQIA+ counselling,

  • life coaching,

  • loss,

  • mood disorder,

  • obsessions,

  • relationships,

  • self worth,

  • self-harm,

  • sex-related issues,

  • spirituality,

  • divorce.

I have extensive experience in: 

  • anxiety, stress and depression in children and adults

  • trauma

  • autism and neurodiversity with adults, students and young people of different backgrounds and ages

  • using different psychotherapy approaches in an integrative approach

The ACT Course (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

For overcoming anxiety, depression and boosting confidence - a course I run for organisations or online groups

The ACT Course helps people with anxiety and depression to break free from their negative cycles so that they can wake up in the morning feeling confident, whatever that may hold. Sound impossible? These are the skills that the World Health Organization has been recommending for 6 years now for anxiety, depression and trauma, because the skills are up to 86% effective.

What is the ACT Course for? 
- to get out of anxiety and depression learning about the two things you are sure to do that keep you in those circles
- to learn Mental Health skills that will enable you to increase your confidence and personal resilience
- to learn how to decide better and with purpose

Course Content?

Session 1: Skill 1: Stepping back

Session 2: Skill 2: Acceptance 

Session 3: Skill 3: Self-compassion

Session 4: Skill 4: Passion, personality and mindfulness

Session 5: Values ​

Session 6: Commitment 

What do I get on the ACT Course?

- 6 sessions or 1 or 2 days training with an experienced Counselor to guide you through the skills

- Smaller 'practices' make the skills easy to understand and remember. You will be able to implement them from the first day of the Course

- 10 minutes of a new Stellar Practice every week recorded for you to listen to in your own time. There is no 'hard work' in doing this, you just listen and absorb the new processing skills naturally.


The cost?

Please contact me to discuss the cost. Email or use the contact box on this website.​ ​

The Course is suitable for dealing with long-term chronic conditions but it does not replace face-to-face professional counseling for the most serious problems. It's not a 'quick fix' but devoting yourself to practicing the short scripts the skills will do their job over a relatively short time. The 10m Stellar Practice will help you with this.


​​         2023 Reviews of the ACT Course

GISDA, Caernarfon: 'Thank you very much for the course and all the materials and information too. The ICAN Connectors have been using ACT in sessions and getting positive feedback'.

Sian Elen Tomos (CEO of GISDA): 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart Elise for providing and preparing the course for us, thank you also for sharing the feedback. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it and learned a lot. I look forward to working with you again'

I would love any recording you have available please. I’m already finding it a very useful tool. (2023 MSc in Counselling Course Student, Bangor University)


I really valued the course and the way you directed it. I think it would make you happy to know that I continue to apply these principles to myself regularly and have even shared with my loved ones, besides my clients. (2023 MSc in Counselling Course Student, Bangor University)


''I enjoyed the course, very useful techniques and concepts, things he could use every day. I thought it was well planned and structured. You are very good at explaining...'' ​(J.S.)

''I liked how the skills were used regularly and built on each other throughout the Course e.g. self-compassion - I found that part very good and very relevant to me''​​ (Anon)

''Lovely course. Thank you I've learned that I'm safe and that's made all the difference to me and how I feel.'' ​(L.G.)

''I'm sad that the Course has ended! My favourite Stellar Practice is 'The Garden' and I can use this anywhere to give myself space''

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