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My approach

I offer 50m of integrative talking therapy in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Integrative means that I will use elements of whichever approach I have that is most effective for you. Counselling need not be a long process to be effective but everyone needs to go at their own pace. Six to twelve weeks is usually the norm to see results in your life, but everyone is different. There are no quick fixes, however, I work in a very effective way as I combine exploring the issues in your life to see where their roots lie, with showing you the skills needed to deal with your particular thought processes in the here-and-now.  

During my MSc studies I worked in placement at the NHS Primary Care Mental Health Counselling Service and for the North Wales Women's Centre (NWWC) in Rhyl doing face-to-face work there. I trained with CRUSE doing bereavement and grief counselling. I still work for the NWWC as well as doing private counselling and writing and running online group courses for anxiety. 

About me

I graduated from Bangor University in 2022 with a Masters of Science in Counselling with a high first in Counselling Skills. You can see my Masters presentation 'Dancing your way out of Depression: Interventions for Adult Depression' on Youtube:

Tango or hip hop, for example, can improve depression by up to 35%.

As an integrative counsellor, I want to continually develop my knowledge and expertise to ensure I have the latest information on what works. This is some of what I have been doing:

In 2021 for my Masters I explored depression and its causes, as shown in my presentation video 'Dancing your way out of Depression: Interventions for Adult Depression'.


In 2022, I explored understanding your past in terms of loss of safety, self-worth and your significance as a child or more recently, as negative experiences may cause harmful messages to yourself. I also attended a 2 day CAT course (Cognitive Analytical Therapy) that focused on relationship patterns. It is based on the idea that our early life experiences influence the way we relate to other people and how we treat ourselves.

In 2023 I focused on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) because it is my belief that it is not enough to understand where your issues started as you also need skills in the here-and-now. The World Health Organisation now recommends ACT for trauma, stress and anxiety and ACT can improve these by up to 86%. I have seen this improvement many times in my clients. Elements of CBT are included but ACT is much more. The NHS board in N Wales uses ACT with addictions as it is so effective. If you want to read more you could look up this article in Psychology Today:

If you have any more questions about the way I work, please do get in touch. I have special expertise in anxiety issues, sexual abuse and addictions, but as always, I stress that these sessions are yours and you are free to discuss whatever you need to.  

I offer online and telephone sessions, and face-to-face sessions at my home in Caernarfon.

My Approach
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